Throwback Thursday to May 2014

Buen Camino!

My last Camino was in May 2014. For #ThrowbackThursday I thought I would share a few pics. I’m so looking forward to seeing these and many more sights when we walk the Camino de Santiago together this coming September!

The delectable Padrรณn Peppers of the Camino de Santiago! Just wait until you try these delicious peppers! My mouth waters just thinking about them.

Depending on the time of year you make your Camino, the fields are sometimes resplendent with poppies. If you walk around May, be prepared for fields of red! If you miss their season, though, don’t despair. You’ll find a great variety of flowers along the Way.

On the Camino, you often get this overwhelming sense that everything is beautiful…even those things that are withering with age and falling to ruin. Whether the houses are majestic in stature or crumbling, their beauty abounds. Since I have come back, I have seen more pictures of the white house on the top right than I can count.It’s probably one of the most photographed houses on the Way.

Along with yellow arrows and mile-markers, pilgrims will also see these shells embedded in the ground every now and again. In fact, I found these same shells all over Brussels when I was there in 2017. There is a deep presence of the Camino there. This one is from the Camino Frances, taken in 2014.
When I walked in May I saw many signs of spring. Baby livestock everywhere. Say hello to this little lamb!
HINT: When you get to the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, you are not done! You must climb upwards! Did you know there are tours of the cathedral ROOF? Don’t miss out on the beautiful vistas of Santiago. The rooftop experience is a pure delight.

The landscapes of the Camino are BREATHTAKING! Such big sky. Such vast open spaces that go on endlessly.

You will constantly find gifts along the way. Whether they be benches for a brief but much needed rest, or a ribbon tied to a tree with an inspirational message on it to help you to keep moving forward…the Camino provides. You will find what you need when you need it.
The statuary, the sanctuaries, the churches, the crosses, the Virgin Marys and the candles… you will find it all. The Camino de Santiago is first and foremost a religious pilgrimage. Whether or not you’re religious, you will find beauty in all that the churches along the way have to offer.
A view from the rooftop of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

If the Camino is calling you, listen. Heed the call. You won’t regret it. There is beauty in every footfall. It is not always an easy journey, but it is a breathtaking one that you will take with you forever.

Buen Camino!

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