A Sunday of Earthing and Forest Bathing

Yesterday, I met up with my friend and Camino guide, Sue Kenney. Sue was leading a workshop on Earthing. I saw my opportunity and I jumped at the chance.

Sue Kenney

Sue Kenney is a barefooter. Though I’ve loved being barefoot since childhood, I kind of lost touch with the joy it brought. I reconnected with it on the Camino de Santiago in 2014, and plan to walk the Camino again in September with bare feet. Or, at least, cover quite a few of the miles barefoot. Not only does it connect us to the earth and give us a sense of freedom and childhood joy, but it’s also good for you. Sue talked a lot about the benefits of barefooting yesterday. She also covered the benefits of forest bathing and earthing. If ever you get the opportunity to work with Sue, you should definitely dive in. As well as barefooting, which she has done for a good many years now, Sue is also a newly accredited Wim Hof instructor. You can read all about both of her passions and much more HERE.

I just wanted to share some photos today from yesterday’s workshop.

Don’t be afraid to step outside without your socks and shoes, even if it’s just to feel the grass between your toes for a few seconds. You don’t have to trek barefoot across a country to feel the benefits and the joys of having the earth beneath your feet. Baby steps will take you there.

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