Alaskan Pilgrim Shares Best Tips for Gear and Packing…

I finally had the chance to watch the remainder of the series on walking the Camino de Santiago by the Youtube user Alaskan Pilgrim (Jeanee). You really should check it out. It continued to be a wonderful series, all the way to the end of the pilgrimage. Though she had some ordeals along the way, she never lost her joie de vivre or sense of adventure and excitement. It was a real treat to watch and I’ll confess I teared up as she made her way into the plaza in Santiago de Compostela. Remembering that moment and seeing others experience it will always move me to tears. That was a watershed moment in my life, taking those last few steps into that plaza.

If you keep the AUTOPLAY feature going, the very next video that comes up after Finisterre is a gear and packing video by Alaskan Pilgrim. Or, well…let me make it easy for you. I’m linking to the packing video too. I thought it was really well done. Though the shoe talk doesn’t pertain to my experience (I’ll be attempting the Camino barefoot this time–and bringing a pair of sandals for a backup), I think I may now pick up some walking sticks once I hit the ground in Spain this September. I think I’ll finally give them a go.

Enjoy Jeanee’s packing tips…and keep in mind that she made this video AFTER her Camino. So she knows what she’s talking about from personal experience. (-:

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