Preparations Continue – Footwear for the Barefooter…

Happy APRIL, peregrinos!

Although I intend to do as much of my September Camino barefoot, I now have a backup sandal. Michael got us these Xero Shoes this weekend. I find them extremely comfortable, though I still have to master the fitting. My feet are currently fitting on each sole differently. When I put them on and look down at them, each shoe looks like it’s a different size. I haven’t quite figured out the way to fit them so that they both fit the same way. But we have 5 months to go, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

Zero Shoes – Shoes for the barefooter

We’re getting to the point where we’re almost ready to go. This is rather awkward, as now all there is left to do is WAIT. Our backpacks are even mostly packed. With 5 months to go. Yep. We’re not eager or anything. (-:

We’ll be starting our AllTrails hikes soon and I’ll be sure to try out these awesome shoes! Can’t wait.

Passports READY!